We Believe That Swimming Is A Life Skill for Everyone.

Terms and conditions


  • Baby/Babies – All dependants younger than 2 years old, or where the dependant(s) have not been potty trained, thus still wears a nappy on a daily basis, whichever is still applicable.
  • Fee/Fees – The Rand value and rate at which services are paid.
  • Grace Period – 10 calendar days from the 28th of any given month, allowing for budget and payment
    flexibility in rare circumstances. Kindly note, payments are still required by the 28th of each month.
  • Monthly Fee – The amount of money to be paid, depending on the service required by the subscriber.
  • Splash nappy – An additional and second nappy to be worn by babies while in the pool. This is not
    substitutable with swimming nappies available in regular retail stores.
  • Subscriber – The person paying for the service(s) to be rendered, i.e., the person subscribing to a service or
    list of services from Aqua Kaleidoscope.
  • Swimmer – Any person (including babies) utilizing a paid service inside the pool of Aqua Kaleidoscope, and
    includes but is not limited to those members learning to swim, as well as those taking Aqua Aerobics classes
  • Termination – The ending of the paid service indefinitely, without expectation of any reimbursement to the
    swimmer. Termination is by agreement where services will be provided and enjoyed for the remainder of
    the month in which termination occurs.

Registration and fees:

There is an annual non-fundable administration fee of R100 upon enrolment.

The agreed timeslot will only be secure once the administration and first months’ fee is paid.

Swimming fees will be paid on a monthly basis. We require payments to be made by the 28th or 18th of each month. The due date will depend on the parents’ salary date.

Fees will be paid in advance in order to secure the swimmers slot for the next month.

The first month will be billed as follows; R100 administration fee and the monthly fee (the monthly fee will depend on the lesson type which is selected.)

Only monthly fees will be payable thereafter.

We do offer a grace period of 10 calendar days.

In the event that any fees are not paid within 10 calendar days from the month, an automatic penalty fee of 10% will be charged to that months invoice.

All payments due to Aqua Kaleidoscope swim school shall be paid into the following bank account:


v Bank: First National Bank

v Account number: 6292 8330 729

v Branch code: 250 655

v Reference: Swimmers Full Name


Termination clause:

The parent/guardian/swimmer shall be required to give written notice of termination should they decide to withdraw the swimmer from Aqua Kaleidoscope.

Should the parent/guardian/swimmer give written notice after the invoice has been issued for the following month, the invoice is still deemed payable to Aqua Kaleidoscope. The swimmer will still be allowed to attend swimming lessons for the last month.

In the event that a client of Aqua Kaleidoscope does not adhere to the school rules, or should an employee feel violated in any form; Aqua Kaleidoscope reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.


Double Nappy Policy

The double nappy policy is compulsory for ALL babies.

Baby will be required to wear a swimmers’ nappy (e.g. Huggies) AND a Splash nappy (available for purchase at the pool location)

The Splash nappy is slightly tighter than the normal swimmers’ nappy, thus making it more secure should there be any ‘accidents’ in the pool.

Unfortunately baby will NOT be allowed to enter the pool without wearing both nappies.


Swimming Caps

Swimming caps are compulsory

We do ask that the swimmer please not wear a swimming cap which is property of another swim school.

Freezing of slots:

If a parent/guardian/swimmer would like to freeze their slot for a period of time, 50% of the monthly fee will be payable in order to secure the swimmers slot.

A swimmers’ slot can be frozen for a minimum of 1 on a month and up to a maximum of 6 months

Should the swimmer stop lessons during the time that the slot is frozen, the termination requirements still need to be adhered to.

After 6 months, Aqua Kaleidoscope will assume that the swimmer will not be returning and that timeslot will be available to other possible students, and the 50% deposit will be forfeited.


Missed slots and Late arrivals:

Aqua Kaleidoscope operates on a strict schedule and substitute/make-up lessons are therefore hard to fit into the schedule and will not be considered.

While Aqua Kaleidoscope is aware that it is unfortunate that children fall ill or have unforeseen commitments that may interfere with lessons, our teachers commit to be at the pool and their remuneration remains payable for any missed lessons and such lessons shall be forfeited.

Late arrivals will result in receiving only the remaining time of the lesson. We do kindly suggest that the swimmer arrives 5-10 minutes prior to the commencement of the swimming lesson. This will allow enough time for the swimmer to get dressed for their lesson.



Should the parent/legal guardian/swimmer commit to any breach of the conditions to this agreement, Aqua Kaleidoscope shall have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without prior notification.

Aqua Kaleidoscope will reserve the right to recover all monies that may be due by the parent/guardian/swimmer calculated to the date of such termination, and for any damages arising by reason of the premature termination of this agreement.

Should Aqua Kaleidoscope institute action against the parent/guardian/swimmer pursuant to a breach of the agreement, without the prejudice to any other rights which Aqua Kaleidoscope, Aqua Kaleidoscope shall be entitled to recover from the parent/guardian/swimmer all the legal costs incurred by it, including attorney/client costs and collections.